Implementation of production equipment at VELUX.


In connection with the global launch of a new generation of skylights, DIS was involved in the development, implementation and optimization of a new production technology for the production lines at VELUX.


The new window series, "Next Generation" offers, among others, a larger glass area and better indoor air quality through various installation options. The new skylight is more energy-efficient due to heavy insulation and better utilization of solar energy. To meet the new design and product changes, VELUX has invested in new production equipment. DIS has been involved as a project manager during the development and implementation of part of the new equipment.


In the role of Project Manager, DIS has had a huge responsibility to make sure that the new production equipment meets demands. DIS has furthermore tested and approved the equipment in cooperation with the machine supplier. Finally, DIS has contributed to a “lean” production through practical problem-solving and continuous optimization of time cycles, processes, etc.