The Chinese development company Toro-Tech has worked closely with DIS to develop a flip smartphone as well as two concepts for a portable smart-projector. DIS has assisted with design and concept development on the projects.


Toro-Tech contacted DIS and asked us to participate in the idea and concept development as well as the design phase of a modern foldable smartphone. The flip smartphone is intended for the Japanese market, more specifically for men and women aged 50+.


We contacted DIS because we needed an innovative and creative approach to the concept and design development. We were looking for a different approach to design than what we are used to in China. DIS has a distinct Scandinavian design style when it comes to industrial design, which we saw as an advantage when we had to develop a smart phone for the Japanese market. The Japanese are especially fond of Scandinavian design, explains Thomas Cheng, CEO and founder of Toro-Tech.


Behind the design of the flip smart phone is DIS consultant Mazyar Abolfazlian, who is an architect and industrial designer.


In our efforts to develop the flip smart phone for Toro-Tech, I integrated a clean and simple design, which is expressed in the organic, timeless and minimalistic look of the product. DIS and I challenged the existing conventions and created a new design product and solution that will challenge Toro-Tech and their customers and produce an end product, which is elegant, intuitive and luxurious, explains Mazyar Abolfazlian, Industrial Designer at DIS.


The smart phone has already been introduced in the Japanese market. It was introduced at a major launch event, where many other new and innovative products were introduced. This event is one of the largest of its kind in Japan.


Subsequently, Toro-Tech has included DIS in the cooperation on the development of a portable smart projector Toro-Tech is developing for a large Japanese electronics company.

- DIS creates great value for a Chinese company like Toro-Tech. DIS’ creative approach and their fast, efficient work process is unique. I believe it will not be the last time, we cooperate on an electronic development project, as we work well together and complement each other well, says Thomas Cheng.


Toro-Tech’s core competence is to develop high-end smart device solutions primarily for the Asian and African markets. The company has offices in China, Japan and Nigeria. The company headquarter is located in Shenzhen in China, which in recent years has been defined as one of the world’s main locations for the production and development of consumer electronics.  





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