Increasing security and safety at sea.


Wärtsilä Svanehøj, has contracted DIS to come up with solutions that will increase the security and safety at sea. The result was the creation of some well laid-out and detailed presentation material which was successfully used by Wärtsilä during  a sales meeting with a client.


Storage of oil and chemicals on various types of vessels (within the Marine and Offshore sector) takes place in large closed tanks with depths of over 30 meters. These tanks are emptied with the use of built-in pumps. In case of breakdown of the pumps, Wärtsilä developed special emergency pumps designed to be immersed into the tanks. This process often resulted in unwanted gas and steam leakage. Therefore, Wärtsilä involved DIS to help fix the problem. The result was a illustrative, 3D designed solution that could be used directly by Wärtsila when working with new or existing customers.