IR HiRel, who produce power supplies for satellites asked DIS to design and make mechanical analysis of cabinets as well as perform EMC testing of power supplies.


It has been more than 60 years since the first satellite was launched, and since then the space around the earth has been filled with thousands of satellites. IR HiRel, part of German INFINEON Technologies, supply the space industry with power electronics and constantly work to further develop new power supplies for satellites. For the past year DIS has worked on the design and analysis of the power supply cabinets. DIS has also done the EMC testing of the power supplies.



Designed for the space industry
When a satellite is launched, an immense amount of force is released, which is why the actual power supply cabinet is designed to avoid harmful deformations as well as to withstand and deflect the heat from the power supply. In addition, factors such as weight and building height affect the design phase, and work is done on material thickness vs. radiation protection as some components are particularly sensitive to the radiation present in space.
Further mechanical analysis were carried out including calculations on the power supply fluctuations, investigations were then made into the circuit board reactions to vibrations and shock loads.



EMC testing the electronics
In connection with the development of power supplies, DIS carried out EMC testing of the electronics. EMC test procedures were written based on the satellite manufacturers specifications, and all the required measurements were made. For example, measurements were made on conducted emission on input lines, output ripple in frequency and time domain and the lowering of input noise through the power supply. In addition, the response of the output is investigated when the input is influenced by voltage pulses and voltage drops.



- New satellites are constantly launched, and work on these entail many complicated and time-consuming processes. At IR HiRel we further develop the existing power supplies and adapt them to current needs. It takes a long time to become an expert in what we do, and we find it hard to recruit people with the right competences. Our cooperation with DIS has released internal resources, and we have been able to focus on some of all the other tasks at hand, says Steen Brandi, Engineering Manager at IR HiRel.


International Rectifier HiRel, a division of German INFINEON, are leading within development of advanced power electronics for space, defense and satellites. IR HiRel have several divisions in the USA and employ 450 people worldwide, who in all generate a revenue of USD200 million. 30 talented engineers and technicians work at the IR HiRel design center in Denmark.



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