Uniquely designed service stand for the department of defense property administation.


The property management administration (FES) is a department under the Department of Defense. FES supports and provides services to operational units in the military, as well as other authorities under the Department of Defense by being responsible for the operation and maintenance of natural areas and properties belonging to the Department of Defense.


The FES areas are at times transformed into building sites, for example when properties are in need to be re-built or renovated. At building sites, it is required by law to have various safety and first-aid equipment at hand and in this connection FES wished to send the signal that they are a responsible and visible property manager. Therefore, FES commissioned a unique, red, mobile service stand, containing equipment such as broom, mop, string, hearing protection, respiratory protection, eye drops and first aid kit. Equipment which at most other building sites are scattered and placed in different locations throughout the site.


FES came to DIS for advice and expertise when they needed to mature their new mobile unit. DIS also supported FES with knowledge on materials and suppliers of materials. Furthermore, DIS focused on design and production methods of the stand in close cooperation with the FES architects.


We got in touch with DIS, as we through our network had heard about their expertise when it comes to maturing a product with a pre-defined concept. The skills DIS has in-house were exactly the skills we needed to fully complete our unit. We have especially benefitted from DIS’ very strong SolidWorks expertise and knowledge in the development and production of our unit,” says Martin Frederik Rosquist, architect, M.Sc. arch. at FES.


So far FES has produced approx. 30 red, mobile service stands that service and instill a sense of security for the workers at FES’ building sites.